Just Lyla By Zahra Lyla | White Fringe
Zahra Lyla of Lyla Loves Fashion tries out the fringe skirt trend
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White Fringe

For 2015, I have decided that be a little bit more adventurous with my outfits. As you I am sure you have noticed, I a total jeans+tee kind of girl so this is a big ‘resolution’ that I am hoping I can stick to.

So here I am, trying out not one but two trends in one look: fringe and crop top. I fell in love with this Blanc {another Middle Eastern designer to look out for} crop/mullet top and fringe skirt. It is such an ethereal look with white being the main color and the train like detail of the top. The subtle color of pastel purple is such a lovely surprise and the fringe just made me want to shimmy all the way home.

Lyla_Love_Fashion_blanc_fringe_skirt-(41-of-48) Lyla_Love_Fashion_blanc_fringe_skirt-(47-of-48)