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Lyla Loves | Louis Vuitton Scarves

Lyla Loves | Louis Vuitton Scarves

There is something about a scarf that can be the cherry on top of an amazing outfit, especially if it is a Louis Vuitton scarf. I have always been a huge fan of the iconic French label, so it is only natural to have fallen in love with their unique and creative scarf prints.


What is great about LV is their constant collaboration with artists and designers such as Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami. As a {graphic} designer myself, I would love to have my designs on one of their speedy bags, one day. Some day. A girl can only dream, non? Well for Spring/Summer 2013, Louis Vuitton didn’t ask me {bad move, LV!} but instead collaborated with 3 street artists from around the world as part of their Foulards D’artistes: Aiko from Japan, Retna from the US and Os Geméos from Brazil. I am glad to see street artists getting recognition as some {keyword: some} of them truly have the talent and deserve it.

Now lets hope next season there will be a ZahraLyla from UAE collaboration in the works!

Which one is your favorite scarf?


American street artist Retna


Stephen Sprouse


Stephen Sprouse


Japanese street artist Aiko


Brazilian street artist Os Geméos