Just Lyla By Zahra Lyla | Lyla's Look | A Grey Situation at Paris Fashion Week
A look at what Zahra Lyla of Lyla Loves Fashion wore for the first day of Paris Fashion Week.
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A Grey Situation at Paris Fashion Week

I can not believe it is already time for Paris Fashion Week! How quickly does time fly? I took a year off from fashion week to really focus on building the blog so it feels good to be back in action and in the midst of all the fashion madness.

For the first day in the city of love, I decided to go for a grey on grey look with a Sandro cardigan from Harvey Nichols Dubai and my favorite pinstripe oversized blazer from Zara. I still cant get enough of leather and with the semi warm weather, I had to bust out my Zara leather shorts. And because 2 grey pieces wasnt enough, I added another by way of my adorable mini Furla bag. I kind of want one in every color!

My trusty Fendi sunglasses were on hand to secretly people watch and Vita Fede bracelets completed my look.

ماصدق إنه أسبوع باريس للأزياء! بسرعة صار! خذيتلي بريك لمدة سنة عن أسابيع الأزياء هني وهناك، بس عسب أركز عالمدونة. الشعور حلو إن أرجع أحضر هالأسابيع. حق أول يوم في مدينة الحب، قررت أركز عالرمادي ولبست جاكيت كارديغان ماركة “ساندرو” من “هارفي نيكلز دبي”، مع جاكيت مخطط وكبير والمفضل عندي من “زارا”. طبعا بعدني مهووسة بالجلد فلبست شورت جلد من “زارا” بعد واللي كان مناسب للجو الدافي. ولأن قطعتين باللون الرمادي مايكفي، زدت عليهم شنطة صغيرة من “فورلا“. أحتاج كل لون من هاي الشنطة الكيوت! ي

.”كملت اللوك بنظارة “فندي” وأساور من “فيتا فيدي

Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0865Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0877 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0857
Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0883 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0901 Lyla_Loves_Fashion_Paris_Fashion_Week_Sandro_0855Photography by Adam Lloyd Wilson

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