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Lyla Attends | Louis Vuitton AW13 Show at PFW

Lyla Attends | Louis Vuitton AW13 Show at PFW

It felt so surreal making my way to my seat for the Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

Its always been one of the highlights of PFW for me  so to be able to actually attend the show was unbelievable. The runway mimicked the hallways of a grand hotel with the models making their way in and out the row of doors. It was pretty fun to guess which ‘room’ the next model would exist from.

The collection was very Louis Vuitton without screaming Louis Vuitton. For one, there was no sign of the famous LV logo and monogram print. It was filled with beautifully tailored coats over sexy lace slips. It was hard to figure out where this woman was going or where she was coming from  but that mystery was intriguing enough to make me want to see more. At times she was fully dressed in sheer delicate dresses but then would step out in just a fur coat. Either way, it didn’t matter what she was wearing, she was still the sexy woman you secretly want to be. That is a true Louis Vuitton woman.









LouisVuitton7Of course, Kate Moss was there to close the show


I got a chance to go in and get a closer look at the collection. It is even better to see up close and appreciate the fine craftsmanship.